Bethel Baptist College has your best interests at heart and strives to keep tuition and room and board low. As one of America’s affordable colleges, a full-time student will pay $2,315.00 a semester! By trying to keep institutional fees down to a very minimal cost, students will pay approximately $535.00 a year for all extra fees.

Regular Semester Charges


Full-time student (12 hours or more) $900.00
Part-time student (Less than 12 hours) $80.00/hr.
Room and Board $1,125.00
Miscellaneous Fees
One-Time Application Fee $30.00
Per Semester Enrollment Fee $25.00
Per Semester Activity Fee $80.00
Yearly Fees
Dorm Keys $10.00
Lab Fee (if applicable) $7.00
Missions Fee $504.00
Graduation Fees
Associate $35.00
Graduate $35.00
Bachelor $50.00

Fees due upon registration: Application, enrollment, dorm key and activity fees.

  • Tuition or tuition with room and board will be divided up into five (5) monthly payments beginning the day of registration for the fall semester and four (4) monthly payments beginning the day of registration for the spring semester. After that, payments are due on the 1st day of the month. We have also just recently made a 12-month repayment schedule available only during registration.
  • Students with military history may apply for V.A. Benefits.
  • Select amounts of lady dorm students are eligible for Work Scholarship at the Jacksonville Christian Academy and Preschool ministries of Bible Baptist Church.