Bethel Baptist College was established to provide an environment for the personal, spiritual and academic growth of men and women who are preparing for Christian ministries.

Bethel strives to cultivate the total life of the student–spiritual, academic, social, and physical–to become a mature, well-balanced Christian, vitally interested in winning the lost to Christ and serving the local church to help lead fellow believers to Christian maturity.

Some of the specific objectives of the college are:

  • To prepare the student for a lifetime of profitable Bible study by equipping him with the necessary educational tools of thorough systematized Bible knowledge, broad general education in the basic areas of human knowledge and self-discipline.
  • To lead the student into a life of complete devotion to the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as a life of complete dependence upon the indwelling Holy Spirit for spiritual maturity and vocational guidance.
  • To enable the student to express the message of God by word and life.
  • To train the student for specialized fields of Christian ministry.