Welcome to Bethel Baptist College

Bethel Baptist College will prepare you to meet the challenge of today and tomorrow. It will give you the tools to build a work for God here and/or around the world.

Bethel is students, faculty, and staff who have a spirit of love and care. We have a commitment to Christ our Saviour who wants us to grow through education in the Word of God. We are also committed to reaching our world with His Gospel of Salvation.

Bethel Baptist College offers a variety of degree programs which include pastoral missions, education, and secretarial. We seek to minister to as many areas of study as possible.

We strive to teach the spirit of evangelism and soul-winning into the whole college family.

Our Foundation is the 1611 Authorized King James Bible

Every faculty member here at Bethel wholeheartedly accepts the King James Bible to be the verbally inspired, inerrant, authoritative Word of God.

  • What Churches Do We Associate With?

    We are a friend of Bible Believing Churches. Bethel Baptist College stands with all who love Christ and preach His Word. Bethel is a ministry of Bible Baptist Church in Jacksonville, AR with Dr. Mike Files, Pastor.

  • How Do Our Teachers View the Scriptures?

    Bethel Baptist College teachers view the Scriptures from a moderate dispensation position.

  • What Separates Us With the Stand We Take?

    Bethel Baptist College is a local New Testament Church College and we stand separated by God from worldliness.

  • What Does the Future Hold?

    As indicated in the doctrinal statement, the college believes in and teaches the imminent premillennial return of Christ.

  • How Can You Receive Education Without Leaving Your Ministry?

    If you are interested in attaining a degree from external studies at Bethel Baptist College please contact us.

  • What Skills Can We Provide You?

    Bethel is dedicated to preparing you to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Giving you the tools to build a work for God here and around the world.

A Message from our President

Dr. Mike Files, Pastor of Bible Baptist Church

Dear Prospective Student,

I am grateful for your interest in Bethel Baptist College and for your desire to train for the Master’s service. My prayer is that we may be able to help and to have a part in that training.

We realize that Bethel is not for everyone, but our goal is to reach those who are serious about studying God’s Word and having a successful ministry for Christ.

We are excited about our school and the future of our school. We are here to please the Lord. Obviously, you have great concern in your heart to be used of God, to fulfill God’s purposes in and through your life, “Well done thou good and faithful servant,” is what you desire to hear when you meet God one day.

Our theme is “Training Servants for the Saviour” and we would sure like for you to come and visit BBC and prayerfully consider attending BBC. We have a tremendous staff with several pastors who teach in our college with many years of experience.

Advantages of Bethel Baptist College is that you are not just a number, it is very affordable, and it is on the field training. You will learn in the classroom, but you will also learn as we serve the Lord together in Bible Baptist Church

I know that if God is calling you into the ministry that you desire to get training to prepare you for the will of God. I too was called later in life and it was very difficult to make that commitment to go to college. But I finally made the decision and came to Bethel Baptist College and in my 30’s I graduated. Now I’ve been a pastor here for 17 years.

Don’t hesitate to get the training you desperately need to accomplish God’s will for your life.

Could I challenge you if you are a young person and you are not sure of God’s direction for your life, to give Bethel Baptist College one year of your life? I ask you to seek God’s will and plan where you will have purpose and meaning in your life in the will of God.

We would count it a real joy if you would visit our campus as soon as possible.

Special emphasis is placed on an atmosphere at Bethel in which your spiritual convictions can be matured and your Christian character can be molded. The daily study of God’s Word and an ongoing association with faculty and students will have a positive influence on your spiritual life, habits, and attitudes and will ensure continued spiritual growth.

Prayerfully consider Bethel Baptist College if you are interested in a Bible-based, Christ-centered, Spirit-controlled ministry. We want to prepare a generation of men and women who will grow mission-minded churches for God’s glory.

Dr. Mike Files